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Replacement Straps, T-Nuts and Bolts Included

Replacement Straps, T-Nuts and Bolts Included


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Badger Safety Strap Replacement Includes

  • Two Badger Safety Straps
  • Two Black T-Nuts  

    Safety Benefits

    • Doors stay tight going in and out of dock doors seals.
    • Holds doors securely open, will not come loose while backing in docks or moving trailers around lots, protecting other trucks/trailers from being hit by swinging doors.
    • Drivers can concentrate on backing in docks and not worry about the doors coming unhooked.
    • Bright orange straps help with depth perception going in docks, especially when it’s dark out.
    • Drivers won’t worry about pulling out of docks where chains can come off as dock cushions push the doors against the trailer unhooking chains.
    • No more messy, unsafe strings hanging from trailers.
    • Unsecured open doors can be hazardous to drivers. Wind can easily blow a door around the back of a trailer potentially hitting a driver causing injuries and equipment damage.  
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